Jumat, 09 Januari 2015

Secret Cardio for Ultra Fast Body fat Loss

So everyone knows about cardio and the differing types which are available, for example intense interval training workouts (HIIT), Slow condition cardio, medium condition cardio and so forth. However that is best and just how much don't let do in order to optimise body fat loss?

Well this is where my secret cardio type is necessary. You heard right after trying multiple various kinds of cardio I've discovered that one is right for optimising body fat loss.

What exactly could it be you request?

Well I refer to it as Samurai cardio.


Because Samurai can be harmful ass, enough stated!

Al right enough experimenting, let us get lower to business. What's Samurai cardio? Why is it so great for body fat loss?

Samurai cardio is a combination of both HIIT and slow condition cardio, here is how you're doing so.

First starting with a 5 min warm-up, you can do this on any kind of fitness cardio equipment or outdoors the choice is yours (this helps prevent injuries within the intense part).

Then you will work 15 mins of HIIT in which you goes full-scale as hard as possible for 25 seconds then a sluggish jog for 40 seconds and do it again 15 occasions. (Again this can be done on and then any fitness cardio equipment you want. I've found outside sprints on the area or cycle sprint is the best.)

Now comes the key part. Once you have completed the HIIT have a couple of mins to recuperate and extend your muscles. Go into 15 mins of slow condition cardio (again any type you want)

Now relaxation you done!!!

And that is it folks, that's SAMURAI cardio!

So how can this be effective? Well I'll provide you with some the science behind this process.

OK well HIIT is a kind of anaerobic cardio, meaning it's without oxygen and can have a tendency to use more carbohydrates like a full source instead of body fat. Now you may be thinking how's that the positive thing for body fat loss? Well another aftereffect of doing HIIT could it be will release Free Essential fatty acids (Body fat) to your bloodstream stream which becomes essential and it is where using slow condition cardio is available in. Usually it might take considerably longer for slow condition cardio to gain access to your body fat stores to begin burning body fat, but by doing HIIT first the disposable essential fatty acids happen to be within the bloodstream stream prepared to be burned up for energy which means you will burn much more body fat overall. Also HIIT produces a significantly bigger after burn effect meaning you will keep burning more calories for approximately 48 hrs following the Samurai cardio. This after burn effect isn't contained in low intensity cardio.

That's it my secret cardio way of optimising body fat loss. Provide ago, observe how you want it and tell me your ideas.

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